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Rice Wine with Shredded Ginger - BuydeemUS

Rice Wine with Shredded Ginger

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A cup of hot rice wine with shredded ginger when eating crabs in autumn gives a warm sense of rapport along with the natural taste of shrimps and crabs. One or two cups of such wine can expel the seasonal coldness for human body in winter.


Rice wine: 600ml, Shredded ginger: 2 slices, Plum candy: 8g


  1. Peel the ginger and shred it finely, the finer the better; flush the plum slightly.
  2. Put plum and shredded ginger into the tea basket of the Health-care Beverage Maker, and pour the rice wine inside as well.
  3. Start the keep warm mode, wait for 5 minutes, and drink after the wine is warm.


1. The ginger shall be shredded as fine as possible so that it can better expel the coldness. 2. The plum is easy to be melted so please put inside the tea basket.

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