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Buydeem Glass Food Container



  • Cozy Greenish
  • Coral
  • Grey
Buydeem Ceramic Mini Cocotte



  • Cozy Greenish
  • Coral
Buydeem Canvas Bag



BUYDEEM CT1006 Food Container + Portable Glass Tea Bottle



  • Cozy Greenish
  • Malachite
  • Nordic Grey
  • Soufre
  • +1
Buydeem Bottle Cover



Buydeem Mini Travel Mug



  • Cozy Greenish
  • Mellow Yellow
  • Natural White
  • Pale Dogwood

Kitchen Accessories

Great kitchen accessories can elevate the taste of your food and keep your left-overs lasting for longer. At Buydeem, we’ve crafted a sleek range of containers, storage jars, glass cups and tea accessories to give your kitchen a boost in functionality and style.

Smart storage solutions

Give your pantry a fresh new look with effortlessly elegant glass food container packages. From containers to jars, our storage solutions make it easy to keep your food tasting fresh and staying organised. Crafted from borosilicate glass, our jars and containers can withstand a considerable change in temperature so that you can store your leftovers in the fridge or reheat them in the microwave.

They’re perfect for keeping your pasta, cereals and grains organised with a sleek glass design. For the busy family, our jars allow you to quickly identify exactly what you’d like to cook with from a single peak in the pantry. Fit with either a push top or screw-on cap, our lids are made from malleable rubber that creates an air-tight and leak-proof seal for guaranteed freshness.

Glass cups and tea accessories for the perfect brew

Start your morning or end your day with a delightful cup of tea or coffee, perfectly brewed using our elegant teapot packages. With a glass body and a stainless steel infuser basket, our teapot packages allow you to expertly brew with ease. Simple to clean and effortless to use, our teapots incorporate user-friendly design with an exquisite modern aesthetic. Our glass cups add a contemporary twist to a traditional tea party, allowing you to easily assess the quality of your brew with its clear transparency. Take your perfect blend on the road with our travel mugs, double-walled and vacuum-sealed to ensure 12 hours of insulation. With a leak-proof lid, you can travel with your brew to work or take a stroll to the park. You’ll find our travel mugs in a gorgeous array of pastel pinks, greens and yellows along with a crisp white, as the perfect sustainable companion.

Toxin-free with a safe design

Unlike plastic or metal containers that can seep an unpleasant after-taste into your food and drink, our glass kitchen accessories are toxin-free. You can have peace of mind reheating foods in the oven or the microwave without the fear of plastic fumes seeping into your food. Developed with your safety in mind, our stainless steel tea accessories are rust and acid resistant to guarantee the best tasting sip.

Discover our premium range of quality kitchen accessories today

At Buydeem, we craft premium kitchen accessories that deliver not only advanced functionality but stylish aesthetics to your kitchen. Whether you’re looking for top range tea accessories to gift to a friend or glass food container packages to organise your pantry, our quality products are sure to breathe life into your kitchen. Find out more about our great range of teapot packages and glass food container packages and get in touch with us today!



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