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A kettle cooker is a perfect addition to a modern kitchen and a busy lifestyle. Not only is a kettle cooker versatile and convenient for cooking and warming food and drinks, but it also looks fantastic on the countertop.

Premium quality kettle cookers from Buydeem

Buydeem’s kettle cookers are made from the highest-quality materials. We use the best FDA-certified German Schott Duran glass and food-grade 316 stainless steel, so our innovative design is durable, able to withstand extreme temperature changes, and has an excellent ability to accommodate acid and alkali ingredients. Strix thermostats are world leaders in kettle control to ensure accuracy and reliability.

How to use a kettle cooker

A kettle cooker looks just like a chic electric kettle. However, it does much more than boil water, brew tea, warm milk, and make hot drinks. Use a kettle cooker as a stew maker or slow cooker, and the whole family can enjoy coming home to a warm, hearty meal. Steam vegetables for a healthier way to eat, cook wholesome pasta and rice, and create nutritious soups. Wake up to an invigorating breakfast of porridge, or use your kettle cooker to make delicious desserts, appetizing yogurts, and nutritious baby food.

There are so many options with a premium kettle cooker, and the whole family will enjoy a better way to cook, eat and drink.

Versatile 9-in-1 functionality

Buydeem knows that when you have a tool in the kitchen that can do more, life is easier. Our kettle cookers are ideal for stewing, steeping, infusing, and brewing, so you can enjoy delicious food and drinks with less effort. Simple to use, all you need to do is add your ingredients and press the button that corresponds to what you want to cook. 9-in-1 functionality means there are nine built-in programs, so you don’t have to remember exact cooking times or temperatures.

Creative kitchen appliances from Buydeem

Buydeem has a range of premium kettle cookers available online. Our kettle cookers hold 1.5 L, have an indicator for six cups, and come with a removable tea infuser, stew pot with an inner “lid in lid,” and easy-lift stay-cool handles. Depending on which model you choose, our premium kettle cookers include a front LED display progress screen and timer setting.

Established over 20 years ago, Buydeem specializes in creative kitchen items that fulfill three core purposes: sleek, high-end design that adds to household decor, wellness in every bite or sip, and effortless pleasure in the experience of cooking.

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