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Ginger Rice Tea – Caffeine Free Tea Recipe - Part 2

Benefits of ginger rice tea In China, ginger rice tea is considered as a very healthy drink for all ages and in all seasons. It can especially soothe your body when you catch a cold, have a digestive Issues, or have inflammation in your body. Drinking ginger rice tea can also improve the body’s metabolism, eliminate toxins, and promote blood circulation. How to brew ginger rice tea? Author: @msshiandmrhe – To Brew Ginger Rice Tea with a Tea Maker 1. Fill a tea maker with 2 cups of cold water. 2. Fill the tea infuser with 2 tbsps of fried ginger rice mixture , place the tea infuser into the kettle. 3. Select “Black Tea/Herbal” mode (or 2 minutes at...

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