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Things You Can Make with Your Toaster - Not Just Bread - BuydeemUS

Things You Can Make with Your Toaster - Not Just Bread

Things You Can Make with Your Toaster - Not Just Bread

When people first brought pop-up toasters into their kitchens, they were basic kitchen tools that heated bread until it became toast. There wasn’t much more you could do with them, and this made them useful but basic. As with all technology, toasters have evolved over time to become innovative appliances that can do so much more. 

With the right modern bread toaster, you can prepare quick meals and enjoy snacks whenever hunger strikes. Look for more than just a stylish toaster. It should have convenient features like wider slots, preset settings, and variable temperature controls. 

Once you have a modern toaster, you can try out these toaster recipes

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Don’t try to make this toaster recipe without a toaster bag, or you’ll end up with a gooey mess. However, if you have a toaster with extra-wide slots, you can easily accomplish this toaster recipe. First, assemble your grilled cheese sandwich and place it into a toaster bag. Then place the bag in your toaster. This method is perfect because it cooks the sandwich from both sides for fast and even cooking with perfectly melted cheese. 

Veggie Burgers

Instead of spending time standing at the stove with a pan, you can easily cook your veggie burger in your bread toaster. Unlike a meat patty, you don’t have to worry about a grease fire. With less cleanup, you’ll be able to enjoy your healthy burger and get on with your day. For the best results, thaw the veggie burger before cooking it in your bread toaster. When you use a toaster oven with independent dual controls, you can prepare the entire sandwich simultaneously. Cook the veggie burger at one setting and the bun at another. 

Garlic Bread

There’s nothing better than a nice, thick piece of buttery garlic bread. The thick slice has perfectly crisp edges and a cloud-like soft center. The Buydeem Toaster Collection is perfect because the extra-wide slots are perfect for toasting thick slices of bread that you can turn into garlic bread. For extra garlic flavor, rub a cut garlic clove on the bread before toasting it. These toaster recipes are good because they allow the garlic flavor t penetrate the bread.  For a unique flavor, try spreading roasted garlic instead. 


Make a delicious cafe-inspired panini with the Buydeem Toaster Collection. The extra-wide slots make it easier to fit the entire sandwich into the toaster. You can also toast thick slices of your favorite artisan loaf. The easy-to-read dial has seven shade settings to choose from. That way, you can choose the perfect setting that toasts the bread and heats the filling ingredients. 

Leftover French Fries & Onion Rings

You have leftover French fries or onion rings from your favorite restaurant. You are ready to eat your leftovers, but they are ice cold in the fridge. Popping them in your bread toaster is the perfect way to reheat them. This toaster recipe is simple, by simply reheating them in your pop-up toaster with a toaster bag. This evenly heats the fries or onion rings while keeping them crisp and preventing them from becoming soggy or overly dried out. 

Tortilla Chips

Enjoy restaurant-quality tortilla chips at home by heating them. The microwave will make them chewy and soft. Putting them in your bread toaster can perfectly heat them while helping them to stay crispy. Try placing them in a toaster bag to toaster multiple chips at one time. 

You can make your own tortilla chips at home as a quick snack to satisfy your craving. All you need are corn tortillas. Cut them in wedges and cook them in your toaster until they go from soft to crispy. 

Potato waffles

Pop-up toaster waffles are a quick and easy weekday breakfast that is perfect for busy schedules. Turn this favorite breakfast meal into a savory lunch or dinner by changing the waffle. Add leftover mashed potatoes to your waffle iron and let it cook. You’ll have a waffle-shaped mashed potato with a perfectly browned crispy outside and soft fluffy inside. You can then save your waffles for a future meal. Throw the potato waffle in your pop-up toaster and let it reheat. You now have the perfect base for a savory snack or dinner. Try pairing it with fried chicken, trout, or a juicy steak. 

Sweet potato

If you are trying to cut down on your bread intake, try replacing your toast with a slice of sweet potato. The Buydeem Toaster Collection is one of the best toasters for preparing a thick slice of sweet potato because the slots are extra wide. You need the potato slice to be thick so that it stays structurally sound and able to support toppings. Cook the sweet potato in your bread toaster until the outside is browned and the inside is soft. Then, you can test it by poking it with a knife. The natural sugars in the sweet potato will caramelize, creating a nice crust on the outside. 

Leftover pizza

Some people love cold leftover pizza. Others find it gross and need their pizza slice reheated. You could let it go for a spin in the microwave, but this leaves you with a chewy and tough crust. This isn’t enjoyable. Instead, reheat your leftover pizza in your bread toaster. Use a toaster bag to place your pizza in the pop-up toaster slot. Heat it just long enough for the crust to get hot and crispy and the cheese to get melty. 

Crispy bacon

It seems impossible, right? Bacon is notorious for producing a large amount of grease. However, preparing bacon in your bread toaster is actually a much healthier way of preparing bacon. Because the bacon cooks vertically, all of the grease drips down to the bottom of the bag and off of the bacon. You are left with perfectly crispy and evenly cooked bacon. The Buydeem Toaster Collection is the best toaster for this. Use one of the four-slice models that have independent dual controls. Then you can choose the perfect setting for cooking the bacon in one set of slots and another setting for toast in the other set of slots. Prepare an egg, and your entire breakfast is ready at the same time. The dual temperature controls also let you customize your bacon preparation. You can cook two batches so that everyone can enjoy bacon the way they prefer. 

Roasted asparagus

It can be challenging to eat healthier meals when you have limited time. Having a modern, stylish toaster in your kitchen can change that. Enjoy healthy and delicious roasted asparagus in just a few minutes by cooking it in your bread toaster. With the help of a toaster bag, you can easily prepare a meal for one without having to heat your oven. This means you can prepare meals faster and save on energy costs. 

What You Should Avoid 

Never put parchment paper in your pop-up toaster instead of a toaster bag. Parchment paper can catch on fire and be dangerous. Plastic and Styrofoam will melt in your toaster, creating a mess and releasing toxic fumes. Aluminum foil isn’t necessarily dangerous, but it can lead to overheating if it touches the heating element. 

Try out these toaster recipes with your new toaster from the


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