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Buydeem Toaster

A good quality toaster is a staple and versatile kitchen appliance that plays an essential role in your breakfast ritual. Whether you’re looking to heat your bagel, add a golden crisp to your crumpet or toast a slice of sourdough, our range of stainless steel toasters are the perfect addition to your kitchen.

10 shades of golden brown

We create convenient cooking appliances so that you can enhance your breakfast experience with the touch of a button. Our stainless steel toaster is designed for breakfast lovers looking to grill their bread to perfection. Say goodbye to the days of standing over your toaster to make sure your bread doesn’t burn, with 10 different toasting settings, Buydeem toasters allow you to toast to perfection. If you find that the underside of your bagel gets burnt in the toaster, we’ve created a solution for even grilling — our single-side toasting setting lets you crisp one side at a time. For pin-point toasting accuracy, Buydeem toasters have 7 shades of toasting variation from lightly crisped to deep brown. We’ve even added reheating and defrosting settings too.

Multi-purpose — it’s not just a bread toaster

Our toasters have been made with extra-wide slots for all sizes of baked goods. Whether you’re looking to toast a bagel, an English muffin or a thick-cut slice of sourdough — our toasters can accommodate it all. Spend less time digging in the toaster slots for your bread and more time enjoying toast that feels like it was cooked under a grill.

Stainless steel toasters for singles and families

Whether you’re a couple looking to fit a small bread toaster into your apartment’s kitchen, or a large family that needs to make four vegemite toasts at once, we’ve got a toaster to meet your needs. Choose from our two slice toaster which fits neatly into the nook of a small kitchen, or our four slice toasters perfect for breakfasts made in bulk.

Convenient and elegant design

Each of our kitchen appliances has been thoughtfully designed to elevate the look of your kitchen and make your culinary adventures easier. Our toasters are made from durable stainless steel and equipped with an extra-long power cord to reach those tucked away outlets. For a vintage-inspired look, our pastel greenish toaster will take you back in time and add a delicate pop of colour to your kitchen countertop. Also available in a sleek metallic slate, our stainless steel 2 or 4 slice range will seamlessly blend in alongside modern decor.

Explore our range of premium quality stainless steel toasters

At Buydeem, we’re all about premium cooking appliances that deliver fantastic results and provide a sleek and stylish aesthetic to your kitchen. Whether you’re looking for top of the range appliances or gifting to a friend, you’ll be sure to find something to satisfy your culinary pursuits. To find out more about our great range of stainless steel toasters get in touch with us today!



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