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Ginger Rice Tea - Buydeem Recipe

Ginger Rice Tea – Caffeine Free Tea Recipe - Part 1

Ginger rice tea is made from 2 ingredients: rice and ginger. It is considered a warming food in Chinese medicine, which has the effect of dispelling cold and nourishing yang. 

What’s the best part of this tea? You can enjoy this soothing caffeine-free tea any time of day!

How to Make Ginger Rice Tea at Home?

Author: @msshiandmrhe


  • 480 rice (I used short grain white rice, you can also use basmati rice, brown rice, or jasmine rice)
  • 120g fresh ginger


1. Wash 2 cups of rice with cold tap water for 3 to 4 times until the water looks clear. Drain the rice with a strainer. Try your best to shake off the remaining water.

Buydeem Recipe

2. Pour the rice into a large wok/frying pan, turn on medium heat to pan fry the rice for about 10 minutes until the rice grains turn dry.

Buydeem Recipe

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3. Peel and cut 120g fresh ginger into thick matchsticks (about 4 mm thick).

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4. Add julienned ginger to the wok, use medium low heat to pan fry ginger and rice for about 1 hour until the rice grains turn light brown, and the ginger matchsticks shrink half in size.

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5. Turn heat to low, pan fry the ginger and rice over low heat for about 30 more minutes until the rice grains turn golden brown and the ginger matchsticks turn into black tea shape and color.

Buydeem Recipe

6. Turn off the heat, allow the fried ginger and rice to cool to room temperature. Transfer to a airtight food storage container, store in the fridge of up to 6 months.

Buydeem Recipe

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Buydeem Recipe
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Ginger Rice Tea – Caffeine Free Tea Recipe - Part 2



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