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Pour-Over Coffee Maker Buying Guide - BuydeemUS

Pour-Over Coffee Maker Buying Guide

You’re ready to give the pour-over coffee trend a try; you just need to buy the right tools. Getting the right equipment can make or break your ability to prepare a delicious cup of coffee. You need a high-quality pour-over coffee dripper, filter, and cup. You need to know what to look for and the essential features that your coffee maker needs to have. 

Follow this guide and buy a high-quality pour-over coffee maker for your kitchen. 

Benefits Of A Pour Over Coffee Maker

A pour-over coffee maker is best when you want to enjoy artisan-style coffee in the comfort of your own home or at the office. It produces a robust coffee that’s full of complex flavors. Unlike other coffee makers, there is a unique ritual that comes with a pour-over coffee maker. You are actively involved in every step of the preparation process. It can act as a soothing experience that can help you relax and escape the pressure of the day for a few minutes. When ready, you have a perfect cup of coffee that’s exactly how you want it. 

Unlike other coffee makers, you can easily take a pour-over coffee maker with you. You can set the dripper and filter on top of almost any mug, and as long as you have hot water and coffee grounds, you can brew coffee. 

Ensure The Coffee Maker Is Eco-Friendly

There is enough trash getting produced every day, don’t add to it with a pour-over coffee maker that isn’t eco-friendly. Many pour-over filters that are in coffee makers are paper. These are single-use filters that you throw away after you prepare your coffee cup. A stainless steel pour-over coffee filter is a better option because you can wash and reuse it. Your ongoing maintenance costs are reduced, and you won’t be creating waste. 

Look at the other materials used in the construction of the pour-over coffee maker. It should be made from high-quality silicone or plastic that won’t release chemicals into the environment. It should be FDA-approved, food-grade, or BPA-free. 

Use A Coffee Maker That Saves You Money

The purpose of making pour-over coffee at home is to save money. You no longer have to go to a specialty or artisan coffee shop and spend a fortune on having someone else prepare your coffee. Because of this, look for a coffee maker that will save you even more money in the long run. Choosing a pour-over coffee maker that doesn’t use paper filters will also save you money. You won’t need to spend money on anything but coffee. 

Pick A Pour Over Coffee Maker With Built-In Scales

One of the pieces of equipment that you need to prepare pour-over coffee is a scale. You will use it to measure the number of coffee grounds that you need for your coffee. For the most convenience, look for a coffee maker that has the scales built-in. This eliminates the need to buy yet another piece of equipment and makes your coffee maker more durable. 

The Buydeem Pour-Over Coffee Set Cozy Greenish is a perfect example of built-in scales. The inside of the pour-over coffee filter has easy-to-read scales that make measuring your coffee ground simple. You’ll see a line for 10 and 15 grams. The glass coffee cup also has scales that are for measuring the water required. There is one scale to measure the amount of water you should and another scale to show you how much water you should add during the first, second, and third pour. 

Ensure Glass Can Withstand Temperature Changes

Sudden temperature changes can cause low-quality glass to shatter and break apart. This is not only inconvenient and makes a mess, but it can be dangerous. High borosilicate glass or aluminosilicate glass are temperature stable and won’t break under changing temperatures or high heat. The high-quality glass is clear and won’t haze or scratch easily. This durability keeps your coffee cup looking beautiful for longer. 

Opt For Food-Grade Silicone And Stainless Steel

Silicone is a modern material that’s used for producing a wide range of consumer goods. There are different quality grades, though, and you need to buy a pour-over coffee maker that is made from high-quality silicone. Low-quality silicone can warp, tear, break down, or leach chemicals. High-quality silicone won’t lose its shape when exposed to high water temperatures. 

It should also be outfitted with high-quality food-grade stainless steel. Low-quality stainless steel will tarnish and eventually rust. This renders it unusable because rust is dangerous to consume. Look for a stainless steel pour-over coffee filter that has a fine mesh design. The Buydeem Pour-Over Coffee Set Cozy Greenish has a fine mesh that makes it possible to use it with coarse to fine ground coffee or tea leaves. 

Buy A Pour Over Coffee Maker That Measures Your Coffee Grounds

There are two ways you can measure coffee grounds, by volume or weight. If you choose to measure by weight, you’ll need yet another piece of equipment. Instead, volume is a simple and easy method for measuring. Look for a pour-over coffee maker that comes with measurements for portioning out the coffee grounds. This makes it simple to portion out your coffee grounds because you can measure as you add the grounds to the pour-over coffee dripper. 

Ensure It’s For More Than Just Coffee

Don’t waste space in your kitchen with one-use appliances. This applies to your coffee maker. Look for one that you can use to prepare coffee, tea, or even a fancy cocktail. This means you need a coffee maker with high-quality materials that won’t take on the flavors of the coffee. Otherwise, you risk your tea or cocktail having a slight coffee flavor. 

The Buydeem Pour-Over Coffee Set Cozy Greenish is made from food-grade silicone and stainless steel with a high borosilicate glass cup. These won’t take on the coffee flavors and are perfect for preparing a variety of drinks. The stainless steel filter has a fine mesh that effectively filters tea or other herbals used during brewing. 

Comes In Different Colors To Match Your Kitchen

So far, you’ve focused on just the features and functionality of the pour-over coffee maker. But this isn’t the only thing you need to consider. Your pour-over coffee maker should look beautiful in your kitchen. It’s a tool that you will use every day, and so it will sit on your counter. Look for a coffee maker that will add to the decor and design of your kitchen. Some coffee makers, like the Buydeem Pour-Over Coffee Set Cozy Greenish, come in different colors. Match the color of your coffee maker to the color scheme in your kitchen with the sophisticated, cozy greenish, ink grey, or orange vivid. The elegant and modern design of the dripper features a perfectly sloped cone-shaped dripper with a scalloped design on the outside. The wide flange at the bottom stabilizes the dipper so that it sits securely on top of your coffee cup. When you are finished brewing your coffee, you can set the dripper on the included base for mess-free cleanup. 

Purchase the high-quality

today and start enjoying pour-over coffee at home.

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