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Valentine's Day Gift Guide - BuydeemUS

Valentine's Day Gifts Guide

How do you show your significant other that you care about and love them? Sure, you do little things for them throughout the year. But there is one special day when you can go all out and express your love. Valentine’s Day gifts have become a yearly ritual for couples to dedicate one day to show their love and commitment.  While you could go with the generic standard of roses and chocolates, this can get boring. It also requires little thought and effort. Show your special someone how much you love them by considering other gift ideas. Some of the...

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Differences Between Cast Iron and Enamel Dutch Oven - BuydeemUS

Differences Between Cast Iron and Enamel Dutch Oven

Every well-equipped kitchen has a dutch oven. It's a beloved piece of cookware that gives you plenty of space for cooking, large handles for holding, and thick walls for retaining heat. The best part is that you can go from cooking on the stovetop to the oven without changing cookware.   There's just one major decision you'll have to make when investing in yours, cast iron v.s enamel dutch oven. Technically, they're both made of cast iron. But enameled dutch ovens have a layer of enamel that covers the iron. We've created this guide to help you understand the differences...

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The Most Priceworthy Toaster You Must Have - BuydeemUS

The Most Priceworthy Toaster You Must Have

What kind of budget do you need to purchase a quality toaster? It may surprise you, but you don't need to spend a fortune to get a quality toaster with plenty of innovative features. Instead of focusing on finding the most expensive toaster, you should look for a toaster that is easy to use, stylish, and has the functionality you need.  This guide will help you find the perfect toaster for your kitchen.  The Best Toasters Are Easy To Use  A toaster should be self-explanatory. It should be so complicated that you need to break out the user manual every time you...

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Why Steamed Food Is The Healthiest - BuydeemUS

Why Steamed Food Is The Healthiest?

Modern health-conscious individuals have embraced steamed food as a smart meal preparation method. It can preserve the flavor and moisture of ingredients, as well as be better for your health by locking in more nutrients than other cooking methods. With a high-quality food steamer, you can enjoy a wide variety of prepared meals for endless health benefits.  You will find it easy to start preparing your own steamed meals with these cooking tips for a variety of meats and vegetables.  Steamed Food Retains Natural Juices Food steamers use water vapor for cooking food. The heat from the steam gently surrounds the food,...

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Care and Maintenance Tips for Your Toaster - BuydeemUS

Care and Maintenance Tips for Your Toaster

You are in the middle of making breakfast, and you start to smell something burning. It isn't the eggs or bacon, so it must be the toast. You frantically hit the cancel button and grab the bread from your pop-up toaster. The bread doesn't look burnt, but smoke is coming from the slot. This is a clear sign that your toaster is long overdue for a cleaning.  This guide will give you several maintenance tips so that you always have a clean toaster that's ready for service.  Gently Shake Out Loose Crumbs Start by gently shaking the crumbs out of...

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12 One-Pot Meals, You Can Make in a Dutch Oven - BuydeemUS

12 One-Pot Meals, You Can Make in a Dutch Oven

A Dutch oven is a traditional piece of cookware that doesn't get nearly enough credit. It's so simple yet can do so much. While a classic cast iron version is functional, an enameled cast iron Dutch oven has the functionality and the looks. This makes it the perfect addition to any kitchen.  Try out these 12 delicious one-pot meals and discover a new favorite family dinner recipe.  1. Classic Beef Stew It’s the classic and most well-known one-pot meal dinner recipe. Preparing a beef stew is like the food version of a thick, cozy winter sweater. Fill a bowl and enjoy the warmth it...

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