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What Is the Best Toaster With a $50 Budget? - BuydeemUS

What Is the Best Toaster With a $50 Budget?

You don't need to spend a fortune when you need to buy a new toaster. Having a budget of $50 will be enough to purchase a quality toaster with plenty of features. This means you can have a toaster that's versatile and reliable.

When buying your toaster, you need to think about more than just the price, though. The best toaster is affordable, has high-quality construction, useful features, and attractive styling.

This guide will help you find the best toaster for your $50 budget.

The Best Toaster Isn’t The Most Expensive

You don’t need to buy the most expensive toaster that you can find. This will result in your spending more than necessary. The most expensive toasters can be large, which will take up too much room on your kitchen counter. They also have several features you’ll never use.

Establish the maximum amount you’re willing to spend. Expensive toasters are $75 and over. These are typically more than what most people need for their home kitchen.

Why The Best Toaster Isn’t Too Cheap

Don’t try to buy the cheapest toaster that you can find. These toasters tend to be very small. This will make them not very functional for your needs. They also tend to use low-quality materials for the construction. This makes them less reliable and durable.

Ultimately, trying to save money in the short term will end up costing you more in the long run. Your cheap toaster will break down and require repair or replacement.

You can find toasters for as little as $15. However, they probably lack the quality and features you want. This makes it smart to aim for a $50 price point. It’s an affordable cost that enables you to get the quality and looks you want.

What Is The Best Toaster?

There are several features to consider when deciding what is the best toaster for your home. To answer the question, what is the best toaster, we will explain these features and why you should consider them.

The Slots

The majority of toasters come with either two or four slots. While two slots can work for a single person, four slots work better for most families. Look at the size of the slots. Thinner slots are ok if you only ever intend to toast thin bread slices.

However, most of us want some versatility in your bread toasting. Wide and extra slots are better for this. Then you can use your toaster to toast thick slices of bread, bagels, and other foods.

Look inside of the slots for a wire holding bracket. These are the arms that close around your bread and hold it in place while the toaster is working. The arms should be open enough to allow for toasting. They should also have a wide enough movement to accommodate differently sized objects.

If you plan on using your toaster for more than just toast, then the slots need to accommodate toaster bags. These are bags that you can slide foods in and then drop them into the slots. Extra-wide slots are useful because they give you enough room to heat up things like fries, chicken nuggets, and pizza.

Toasting Mechanism

A basic toaster oven will have a simple heating mechanism with limited shades settings. This limits your ability to get the perfect toasting on your bread or use your toaster for other purposes.

So what is the best toaster? It’s one with several shade settings and easy-to-use controls for choosing your setting. The BuyDeem Four Slice Toaster is a standout in this category. There are four slots, and each pair has a dial for setting your desired toasted level. This lets you choose a different setting for each. The dials are large and clearly printed, making them easy to use. You can also choose from seven shade settings for  the precise amount of toasting.

Take a look at the bread when it pops out. The best toasters have extra lift to raise the bread clear of the eating mechanism. This keeps you safe and prevents accidental burning. The bread should be evenly toasted with a similar shade of brown across the entire piece.

Another standout feature that the best toasters have is the ability to do more than toast. Look for one that enables you to use it for defrosting and warming. This gives you more functionality out of your toaster.


Your toaster is going to sit on your kitchen counter. It should complement your kitchen decor and look cohesive with your other small appliances. Lower quality toasters won’t have any styling and will be plain white.

The best toasters, like the BuyDeem Four Slice Toaster, have a specific style. BuyDeem is vintage-inspired, but you can also find modern, traditional, futuristic, or industrial ones. What’s nice about BuyDeem’s vintage approach is that it gives you a sense of nostalgia and blends well with a wide variety of interior design themes.

Look at the toaster’s overall shape, the color of the toaster’s body, and how the controls are designed. Some modern toasters have digital screens that light up. Others have a simple dial or button mechanism with printed information for you to choose your options.

Construction Materials

The best toasters have a solid construction from high-quality materials. This helps the toaster to perform reliably and be durable enough to last. Look for toasters that are made from stainless steel. It should be corrosion and rust-resistant.

A standout feature of the best toasters is a long electrical cord. A cord of at least 40 inches will give you plenty of length for more flexibility in where you place the toaster in your kitchen.


Your toaster should be easy to clean and maintain. Look for a crumb tray that’s effective at catching crumbs and easy to remove and clean. You’ll want to regularly clean your toaster to remove these crumbs. They are a fire risk and can also be unhealthy if they burn.

The BuyDeem Four Slice Toaster is nice because it has dual crumb trays. They’re easy to remove; just slide outward from behind.

Who Makes The Best Toaster?

When looking for the best toaster, sometimes it’s easier to start with asking, who makes the best toaster? Certain brands are known for producing quality products. You can trust this reputation for quality and consistency. This takes some of the doubt out of buying your toaster by knowing and understanding what you can expect from your new toaster.

The BuyDeem brand is known for producing innovative and stylish home products. The company’s commitment to quality ensures its products are built to last in your home.

With over twenty years in the appliance industry and over one million products sold, you can trust BuyDeem to craft a quality toaster at an affordable price. You’ll appreciate the beautiful styling that helps their toaster to look beautiful in any kitchen. Built into this vintage-inspired toaster is modern technology. This helps it to be convenient and useful for active lifestyles.

The BuyDeem Four Slice Toaster combines attractive vintage style with quality construction and innovative technology.

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