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Pour Over Coffee Brewing Guide - BuydeemUS

Pour Over Coffee Brewing Guide

The pour over style coffee is considered the best coffee brew method. However, it also can be the most daunting. With precise control over every variable, the risk is high for ending up with something less than satisfactory. Don’t let this deter you, though. All you need is the right tools and a helpful guide to walk you through the basics.  With some simple instructions and a user-friendly coffee maker, you too can enjoy the best coffee possible.  The Best Coffee Brew Method Requires Patience The best pour over coffee method takes time and attention. Unlike a drip coffee maker,...

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Kitchen Christmas Decorating Ideas - BuydeemUS

Kitchen Christmas Decorating Ideas

The holiday season is right around the corner and will sneak up faster on you than you realize. Starting in your kitchen is the first place to get started with your Christmas decorating. Having a decked-out Christmas kitchen gets everyone in the holiday spirit. From green kitchen appliances to a full-on Christmas tree, you can go as small or as big and bold as you want. These decor ideas will get you inspired to start your kitchen decorating.  Add Festive Holiday Dishware  Do you have festive servings platters, dishes, and serving utensils? Get the most use out of them by...

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Pour-Over Coffee: The Beginners Guide - BuydeemUS

Pour-Over Coffee: The Beginners Guide

If you love a good cup of coffee, then it’s time to experience the best coffee cup possible. Using pour over coffee equipment helps you control every aspect of the coffee brewing process. This lets you bring out the complex flavors of the different bean varieties.  Don’t let yourself be intimidated by this artisan approach to making coffee. All you need is user-friendly coffee equipment and a set of easy-to-follow directions.  Why People Are Afraid Of Making Pour Over Coffee Many people are afraid to try making pour over coffee at home because it’s perceived as a complicated process. Several...

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What Is Pour Over Coffee? - BuydeemUS

What Is Pour Over Coffee?

You’ve heard about the pour over coffee method and seen it done at the artisan and independent coffee shops. What is so special about this coffee maker, and why should you start using it? If you love coffee, you are doing yourself and your coffee a disservice with drip coffee makers.  What Is Pour Over Coffee? Preparing a pour over coffee seems so simple, with just a filter, funnel, and cup. However, there is more to it, with the details of the process becoming influential in the quality of your product. Pour over coffee treats the brewing process in a...

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Pop-up Toaster vs. Toaster Oven - BuydeemUS

Pop-up Toaster vs. Toaster Oven

Ovens are nice when preparing a large meal, but they are expensive and inconvenient when you want a quick meal or snack. A pop-up toaster or toaster oven are perfect because they heat and cook your food quickly. Despite having similar names, these countertop appliances look and perform differently. Find out what you can do with each and why you should have both in your kitchen.  Main Uses For Bread Toasters The most well-known use for bread toasters is preparing toast for breakfast. However, this isn’t their only use. The best bread toasters, such as the Buydeem Two and Four-Slice...

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Which toaster is the best for home use? (Toaster) - BuydeemUS

Which toaster is the best for home use? (Toaster)

There was a time when toaster options were limited. They come in one or two colors, a single set of controls, and two slots for bread. Thankfully, those days are over. Modern stylish toasters come in a wide range of designs and colors, have innovative features, and slots wide enough for more than just bread. While all of these advancements make for better toasters, they can also make the buying process significantly more complicated. This guide will help you choose the best bread toaster for your kitchen.  What To Look For In a Toaster  There are several functions and features...

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