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How to make a pour-over coffee? (Pour Over Coffee) - BuydeemUS

How to make a pour-over coffee? (Pour Over Coffee)

Brewing the perfect cup of coffee is about appreciating the craftsmanship that goes into it. This starts with the beans and ends with the brewing. Coffee enthusiasts and connoisseurs prefer the pour-over method. The small-batch method of brewing allows for the delicate and intricate flavors of the coffee beans to shine. You simply cannot get the same results from large batch machines.   

If you love coffee and have not given this method a try, then it is time to take your coffee enjoyment to the next level. 

Why People Prefer Pour Over Coffee 

You will find coffee plants all over the world. These different plants produce beans that are complex and rich in flavor. The different climates and growing conditions contribute to unique flavor profiles. However, all of this gets lost when you use the wrong brewing methods. Large volume and automatic coffee makers limit your ability to control the individual elements in the brewing process. 

People love the pour-over brewing method because it gives you complete control over everything for the best coffee. You control the water temperature, the speed at which it comes into contact with the coffee grounds, the ratio of coffee to water, and how long the water brews for. This gives those who love coffee the ability to control the temperature, taste, strength, and texture of their coffee. 

What Is the Pour-Over Method? 

The pour-over brewing method focuses on making a small batch of coffee. Hot water is poured over fresh grounds and then allowed to drip down through a filter. The majority of drippers are designed for the pour-over method of preparing a single serving cup of coffee. Some of them are a topper, meaning you can place them on any mug. Others come with a base, requiring you to pour the coffee into your cup after brewing. It is less common to find larger drippers designed for brewing more than one cup at a time. 

How to Brew Pour-Over Coffee 

To start, you will need to heat water in a kettle. The ideal water temperature is between 196 and 203 degrees. While you could use pre-ground coffee beans, this will not give you the freshest flavor. Instead, use a burr grinder to process your own whole beans. Use a digital scale to accurately measure the amount of ground you will add to the dripper. If you are inexperienced, it is helpful to use a glass measuring cup to portion out the exact amount of water you want to use. This prevents you from using more or less than you intended. 

The classic pour-over coffee making ratio is two rounded tablespoons of coffee at a medium ground to six ounces of water. If you opt for too fine of a ground you can make your coffee bitter. Too coarse of a ground and you end up with weak flavor. Your grounds should look slightly finer than a coarse grade sea salt. 

Pour the hot water into the coffee grounds in a spiral motion starting at the center and working your way outward. Once all of the grounds are saturated, stop pouring. Wait for the grounds to bubble and bloom. When they have sunk back down, you can add the remaining water. It will take about two minutes for the brewing process to complete. 

Traditional Method of Brewing Pour Over Coffee 

As you can see, the traditional method for crafting pour-over coffee is complicated and requires multiple pieces of equipment. All of this can be intimidating for beginners who can easily get overwhelmed. It also makes the pour-over process more complicated and tedious than it needs to be. You would need to dedicate an entire cabinet to hold all of your coffee brewing tools. 

Buydeem Pour Over Coffee Set

The Buydeem Pour Over Coffee Set is a beautiful addition to the Buydeem Collection of kitchen products. It stays true to the Buydeem brand’s reputation by combining sophisticated styling with durability and ease of use. The dripper’s minimalist design helps it look right at home on the kitchen counter or at the office. As with other Buydeem products, its clean design hides many innovative features. 

Quality Construction

Unlike other pour-over coffee brewers,  the Buydeem Pour Over Coffee Set is constructed of materials that are designed to last. The included coffee cup is made of borosilicate glass that is safe for both hot and cold temperatures. Its large handle has a comfortable arch that fits your hand and keeps you from touching the hot cup while drinking. The dripper is made from food-grade silicone and stainless steel. You never have to worry about the silicone warping from high temperatures. The combination of materials also makes it lightweight and durable, so it is perfect for traveling or commuting. A standout feature is the stainless steel filter. This makes the dripper eco-friendly by not requiring you to use disposable paper filters. 

Elegant Styling 

The elegant styling of the Buydeem Pour Over Coffee Set makes it perfect for use in your home or office. The ink grey coloring gives it a modern feel that is in line with modern interior design trends. It also comes as one sleek piece for the dripper. It carefully rests on top of your coffee cup with a large flange. The top of the dripper is nice and wide, making it easy to fill with coffee and water. It then gradually tapers down to a narrow base to give you a controlled filter. The subtle scalloped design adds a nice detail to the outside of the dripper. 

Beneficial Features 

The Buydeem Pour Over Coffee Set may look simple, but it packs several beneficial features. The first is the stainless steel filter. It eliminates the need for paper filters, making it kinder to the environment. You can also use it for more than just coffee. The silicone and stainless steel do not retain flavors, so there is no concern about contaminating your tea with coffee flavor. 

Another unique feature is the user-friendly scales. Both the coffee cup and the dripper have scales. This makes determining the perfect ratio of water to coffee easy. The dripper shows you exactly how many coffee grounds you need, while the coffee cup shows you how much water you need. The large print makes it easy to read. There is no need for a food scale or measuring cup when using the Buydeem Pour Over Coffee Set

Lower quality drippers use a stainless steel filter with large holes, allowing coffee grounds to slip through and get in your coffee. This is not the case with the Buydeem dripper’s stainless steel filter. It has a double-layer ultra-fine mesh that mimics the functionality of paper filters. You never have to worry about grounds escaping into your cup. 

Once you are done brewing your coffee, you need a place to put your dripper. Thankfully, your Buydeem dripper comes with a resting pad. This eliminates the mess. It has a wide base and raised edge that catches and contains any remaining drips. Keep the base on your desk and neatly carry everything to the office break room or home kitchen when you are done. 

Experience the finest cup of coffee you have ever tasted with the


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