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Year of the Dragon Edition - Thermos Bottle 200ml & Ceramic Mug 350ml

*This pre-order product will be delivered in early March.

Celebrate the Year of Dragon with our limited edition thermos bottle and ceramic mug! The design of koi red and the dragon pattern creates a vibrant and festive atmosphere. Perfect for gifting as well. Hurry, as quantities are limited!

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30-day return policy
1-year limited warranty
Year of The Dragon Limited Edition
Thermos Bottle 200ml and Ceramic Mug 350ml
Two Cup Types
Thermos Bottle with Pop-up Lid
  • 200ml
  • Excellent Seal & Portable
  • Include One Lucky Charm Ornament(random style)
Ceramic Mug
  • 350ml
  • Inner-cup Measurement Marks
Portable Thermos Bottle with Pop-up Lid
Food-grade Stainless Steel
6 Hours Insulation
Thermos Bottle comes with a lucky charm ornament (random style).
Boundless Future
Safe and Sound
Success in Examinations
Good Things Happen
Prosperity in the Household
Good Luck Koi Fish
Ceramic Mug
Large Flat Bottom
Easy-grip Handle
Inner-cup Measurement Marks
Safe Materials
High-temperature Porcelain
Food-grade Inner and Outer Glaze
Durable Decal
Food-grade Silicone
Food-grade PP Plastic
ABS Plastic
SUS304 Stainless Steel
SUS304 Stainless Steel
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