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Buydeem Heat Diffuser OT1701



From Slow Simmering To Defrosting, Do It All With Ease And Confidence

Never again wait hours for something to defrost or spend time carefully watching a slow simmer to ensure it doesn’t burn, the Buydeem Heat Diffuser OT171 speeds up thaw time while protecting food and cookware. Incredibly easy to use, when ready to prepare a meal, place this plate on a gas burner, set the temperature, and go about your chores. Enjoy even heat distribution that you can rely on. 


  • For gas stoves only, do not use this product with induction or electric stovetops.
  • The 9.4” diameter accommodates large pans and pots as well as big cuts of meat with ease.
  • This item should be hand-washed only. It is not dishwasher safe.



Net Weight1.32lbs
Model NumberOT1701
MaterialsDurable Aluminum alloy disc with anodize process on the surface
Package Dimension9.45'' x 9.45'' x 1.02''
Product Dimension10.86'' x 10.62'' x 1.14''

Heavy-Gauge Aluminized Steel

Very efficient when heating foods, commercial-grade aluminized steel is sturdy, absorbs temperatures, and is resistant to damage.

Even Conduction

This plate diffuses heat which helps maintain the perfect temperature while thawing or slow simmering and reduces burnt food.

Cookware Protection

Developed to reduce heat as well as distribute it evenly, the use of this diffuser eliminates hot spots, scorching, and scratch of your pans, pots, dutch ovens, and more.


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