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Buydeem Glass Food Container


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Less Waste, More Healthy Foods

Plastic food storage containers and typical glass jars can cause flavor to change, food to go bad​, leak, be hard to open, and are often full of toxins. Developed to help keep you and your family happily eating only the best fresh food while at home and on-the-go, the Buydeem Glass Food Container el​egantly and safely stores foods. Perfect for preserving soups, yogurts,oatmeal, cackers, and so much more, this 3 pack is a busy life staple that can go from refrigerator to boiling water with ease. Simple to fill, clean, and open, these glass food containers bring sleek design and non-toxic health to your days. 


  • Available in 200 mL and 300 mL capacity. 
  • Safe for the dishwasher, microware, oven, steamer, and refrigerator, the glass is resistant to temperatures between 0 to 150 degrees.
  • When washing by hand only use neutral detergent and a soft cotton cloth or sponge.



MaterialsHigh Borosilicate Glass-body/ Plastic-cap
Capacity200ml, 300ml
Quantity200 ml - 3 pieces per set, 300 ml - 2 pieces per set
ColorCoral/Grey/Cozy Greenish
AttentionBe careful when handling, the glass is fragile Use soft cotton cloth or sponge to clean gently with neutral detergent Suitable for use in temperatures between 0-150, can be used in the dishwasher, microwave, oven, steamer, refrigerator, etc. keep away from open flame

High Borosilicate Glass

Free of toxic substances, this specialized glass withstands temperature changes and is exceptionally resistant to normal wear and tear.

Double Sealing Design

Utilizing high tech methods, Buydeem has created a unique leak proof seal that boosts food preservation and withstands turning upside down.

Food Grade Silicone

To ensure the health of our customers, we use food grade silicone that is non toxic, resistant to high heat, and does not grow mold easily.


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