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CD1008 Portable Glass Tea Bottle with Infuser, 400ML



Anywhere, Anytime, Brew Tea The Way You enjoy It

The Buydeem Portable Glass Tea Bottle makes enjoying your favorite tea while working or away from home easy. From running out the door in the morning and not having time to brew tea to sitting at a desk all day and being worried about having an open teacup spill, this bottle does the brewing for you all in a secure bottle. Engineered to keep tea leaves from entering your tea and so that you can control the brew time, this bottle brings full flavor, aroma, and pleasure to the tea you drink. 


  • This is a five-part bottle that can be disassembled for effortless cleaning. 
  • 360-degree cleanable design with 100% of the parts disassemblable. 
  • The body of this bottle can be used at different temperatures up to 150F.



MaterialsHigh Borosilicate Galss-body/Food grade stainless steel 304- tea filter/ Non-slip silicone sleeve/Foldable silicone handle
CapacitySugeested 350ml
ColorLittle Blue/Cornel Pink/Cozy Greenish/Malachite

High Borosilicate Glass

Free of toxic substances, this specialized glass withstands temperature changes and is exceptionally resistant to normal wear and tear.

Non-Slip Silicone

The food-grade silicone that is highly resistant to shock as well as does not easily grow mold, it will protect the bottle for years to come.

304 Stainless Steel

A very durable, non-toxic, corrosion resistant material, 304 stainless steel brings health and wellness to every sip of tea.


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