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Buydeem Kettle Cooker K2973



Bring Health and Style Into Your EveryDay

With the Buydeem Kettle Cooker K2973, you can easily make the most delicious and wholesome stews, soups, teas, yogurts, and more. A stylish kitchen tool made with all your needs in mind, this Kettle Cooker knows the perfect temperature and steep time for the best flavors and aromas. A valuable part of any busy lifestyle, with Buydeem you can enjoy a balanced diet full of food and beverages you love as well as well-styled appliances you want to show off. This 9-in-1 kitchen machine offers a variety of capabilities like boiling, steeping, and steaming. The possibilities and health benefits are endless. Made from the best-in-class materials including a UK Strix Thermostat, German Schott Duran Glass, and food-grade Stainless Steel. Boasting maximum space capacity, this Kettle Cookerholds 1.5L and includes level indicators up to 6 cups.




ColorObsidian Black
MaterialsUK Strix Thermostat Stainless Steel German Schott Duran Glass

German Schott Duran Glass

A specialized glass from a world-renowned manufacturer, this premium-quality material is highly durable with an exceptional ability to resist temperature change.

The Tea Basket And Stew Pot

Compact on the outside, more room on the inside. Our tea baskets feature a bigger infuser for ease of cleaning while the stew pot has an inner ‘lid in lid’ for storage and reduced spills.

Timer Setting And UK Strix

The only Kettle Cooker in the Buydeem line with a pre-set timer and a LED front progress update screen, we include Strix thermostat technology (the world leader in kettle control) to ensure ever-accurate function.



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