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Let Your Taste For Healthy Beverages Shine

Engineered to hold any type of beverage with remarkable style, the Beverage Glass Jug features a contemporary design that maximizes pouring efficiency. Truly a jug with an air of elegance, it is slimmer than typically beverage containers making it a wonderful addition to table tops or refrigerators. The transparent body allows you to easily identify contents and see liquid levels. Tall and slender, this jug fits well in the refrigerator and does not take up space on a table top. An ideal jug to hold milk, water, juices and more, it has a 1200ml capacity.


MaterialsHigh borosilicate glass-body

High Borosilicate Glass

Free of toxic substances, this specialized glass withstands temperature changes and is exceptionally resistant to normal wear and tear.

Food-Grade Silicone

To ensure the health of our customers, we use food grade silicone that is non toxic, resistant to high heat, and does not grow mold easily.

A Specialized Lid

For smooth and steading pouring, the lid includes small pores that help balance air pressure and liquid flow.


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