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K156 Multi-function Electric Steam Brewer & Tea Infuser Thermos Bottle - Bundle Offer

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30-day return policy
1-year limited warranty

Electric Steam Brewer
for Tea and Coffee

Electric Steam Brewer
for Tea and Coffee

1.5L Large Capacity
Six Level of Flavors
Four Temperature Settings
Easy Operation
Auto Keep Warm
Steam Brewer Enhances Flavors
Steam brewer enhances flavors as steam ascends from the base of the extraction basket, it mingles with the tea, creating a 360° spray and drips into the kettle, resulting in a more flavorful and purer tea.
With six levels of strength ranging from light to bold, the K1563 provides a broader flavor range that tailor the strength to your preference. Perfect for tea lovers who enjoy a variety of taste.
Select from four temperature settings for rapidly heating water to 175°F, 185°F, 200°F, 212°F.
The tea-water separation design prevents prolonged soaking, avoiding a bitter taste in the flavor.
Long press the "212°F" button for 2 seconds and press the "Start" button to keep warm for 8 hours at a temp of 158°F.
Six Levels of Flavor
Four Temp Settings
Tea-Water Separation
Keep Warm for 8 Hours
Dispense an appropriate amount of tea leaves or coffee grounds.
Close the lid tightly.
Choose the concentration, and initiate brewing with a single press.
Brewing completed and automatically keeps warm for 2 hours.
Safe Materials

BPA-free Plastic

Food-grade 304 Stainless Steel

Food-grade BPA-free Silicon

German Schott Glass

British Strix Temp Controller

316L Stainless Steel Plate

Easy to Clean
Integrated base and single-layer extraction basket for easier cleaning.
Waterproof Panel
Touchable with wet hands, ensuring safety and convenience.
Unique Brewing Basket
Single-layer design, separate tea leaves and water, and easy to clean.
Satinless Steel Filter
Strains tea leaf residues and coffee grounds for a purer taste.
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1.5 Liters
1.5 Liters
1.2 Liters

Material   (Kettle bottom and base)

PP/ABS Plastic
304 Stainless Steel
304 Stainless Steel


Brewing Basket
Brewing Basket
Tea Infuser

Function Type

Brew Tea/Coffee
Brew Tea/Coffee
Boil Tea

Function Type

Boil Water
Boil Water
Boil Water

Function Type

Keep Warm for up to 8 hours
Keep Warm for up to 8 hours
Keep Warm for up to 1 hours

Concentration selection

6 Flavors from Regular to Bold
5 Flavors from Regular to Bold

Temperature selection

175ºF, 185ºF, 200ºF, 212ºF
140°F, 175°F, 200°F, 212°F
175°F, 185°F, 195°F, 205°F, 212°F
Frequently Asked Questions
What's the difference between steam brewing, boiling and steeping tea?

Steam Brewing: The high-temperature steam enables water to rise and spray onto the tea leaves, forming droplets of tea that fall into the kettle.Release delicate flavors and aromas of tea leaves. Suitable for oolong tea, white tea, pu-erh tea, black tea, dark tea, and floral tea.

Boiling: Directly placing tea leaves in water, bringing it to a boil.
Strong brewing method, suitable for harder or longer-fermented teas, such as herbal teas, heavily fermented oolong tea and pu-erh tea.

Steeping: Placing tea leaves in hot water and allowing them to soak for a period.
Gentle brewing method, suitable for tender tea such as green tea, light oolong tea, and floral tea.

Why opt for steam extraction?
If the K1563 is used with the brewing basket, can only the "Brew" function be used?


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