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Brunch Secret - Bunny Bun Recipe

Mother's Day Brunch Recipe - Bunny Bun

Have fun in the kitchen! Ingredients 1/8 tsp red gel food coloring 2 cups of milk 1 packet of instant yeast 4 cups of all-purpose flour 4 tbsp of sugar 1 tbsp cooking oil   1st Step In three bowls, add ¾ tsp instant yeast, 1 cup of milk, 2 tbsp of sugar, and 2 cups of all-purpose flour without the food coloring (this will be your white mixture). In the other two bowls, add the same ingredients plus 1/8 tsp of food coloring (this will be your pink mixture). Stir the three mixtures separately until there's no liquid or...

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Things You Can Make with Your Toaster - Not Just Bread - BuydeemUS

Things You Can Make with Your Toaster - Not Just Bread

Things You Can Make with Your Toaster - Not Just Bread When people first brought pop-up toasters into their kitchens, they were basic kitchen tools that heated bread until it became toast. There wasn’t much more you could do with them, and this made them useful but basic. As with all technology, toasters have evolved over time to become innovative appliances that can do so much more.  With the right modern bread toaster, you can prepare quick meals and enjoy snacks whenever hunger strikes. Look for more than just a stylish toaster. It should have convenient features like wider slots,...

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Tremella, Lotus Seed and Lily Bulb Soup - BuydeemUS

Tremella, Lotus Seed and Lily Bulb Soup

A great addition to your day! Both lotus seed and lily bulb are very mild ingredients, which can respectively clear away internal heat and moisten the lung. Their combination can nourish the spleen and stomach, relieve mental stress, so it is suitable for seniors as the daily drink.   Ingredients Tremella: 1/4 piece, Goji: 6 pieces, Denucleated lotus seed: 20 pieces, Dried lily bulb: 10g, Rock sugar: 1 cube (around 15g) Steps Break tremella into small pieces, and soak with clean water with dried lily bulb for 2 hours. Later, put lotus seeds, goji, rock sugar, well-soaked tremella and lily...

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Corn and Lotus Root Soup - BuydeemUS

Corn and Lotus Root Soup

Soup which is good for kids With effect of clearing away heat and toxic materials and with sweet flavor, the soup especially good for kids more than 2 years old. Ingredients Sweet corn: half, Lotus root: 100g, Rock sugar: 10g Steps Peel the sweet corn and remove its stigma, cut it into 1cm-thick slices; peel the lotus root, and slice it as well. Put all ingredients into the Health-care Beverage Maker, and add water to around 1,200ml. Start the Soup mode, and wait till it automatically power off. Tips Either red lotus root or white lotus root can be used for...

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Water Chestnut Bamboo Cane Drink - BuydeemUS

Water Chestnut Bamboo Cane Drink

A great addition to your healthy life Water chestnut, bamboo cane and cogongrass can nourish Yin and the throat. In the early autumn when the summer heat lingers, a bowl of water chestnut drink with bamboo cane can naturally dissipate the heat.  Ingredients Bamboo cane: 2 sections, Water chestnut: 3 pieces, Carrot: half, Cogongrass rhizome: 5 pieces, Rock sugar: 5 pieces Steps Wash the bamboo cane and cut into 2cm segments; peel water chestnut, and cut into halves; peel and cube carrot; wash the fresh cogongrass rhizome, and shear into 3cm segments. Put all food ingredients into the Health-care Beverage...

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Honey Pineapple Black Tea - BuydeemUS

Honey Pineapple Black Tea

Let's make a sweet fruit tea! Pineapple, apple and orange are all seasonal fruit and full of aroma. Fruit tea mixed with all those fruits can have strong flavor which is especially preferred in spring.  Ingredients Pineapple: 50g, Apple: half, Orange: half, Rock sugar: 40g, Black tea: 10g Steps Peel the pineapple, and cut it into small pieces; denucleate the apple and keep the peel, cut it into small pieces as well; peel the orange, and slice it. Put pineapple and apple cubes as well as rock sugar into the Health-care Beverage Maker, and feed water to the water level...

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